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Alcohol Quiz

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What is the chemical in alcohol?

Which of these drink contains the least alcohol?

How long does it take for alcohol to affect the brain?

Which of the following does not equal one "standard drink?

How long does it take the body to process or break down one standard drink?

What is blood alcohol concentration?

What blood alcohol concentration level is considered legally "intoxicated" in most states?

How long must a person wait after drinking before he or she is totally sober?

Which of the following statements about drinking alcohol is false?

Which essential body organ suffers the most life-threatening damage from alcohol?

Which of the following is a special concern for teenagers in alcohol abuse?

What is "tolerance" of alcohol?

Why is increasing tolerance a problem?

How does a family history of alcoholism affect someone’s risk of being an alcoholic?

How can you tell if you are sober enough to drive safely?

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