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Anger Management Quiz

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Is anger an emotion we consciously evoke?

What is the relationship between anger and aggression?

Which of the following is NOT a long-term effect of chronic anger?

True or False? Anger management has been discredited because it has a high failure rate.

True or False? Venting your anger--getting it off your chest--is a good idea

Which of the following is NOT a negative effect of turning anger inward?

Which of the following reactions is NOT an example of "Awfulizing"?

Select the phrase that most accurately completes this sentence: "Your anger will begin to subside."

Which of the following is the mechanism that the body employs to return to a normal state?

Why should your response to becoming angry be to STOP. DISENGAGE AND THINK?

Which of the following cannot be resolved through conflict resolution?

True or False? In conflict resolution, unresolved prior conflicts must be carefully excluded from the discussion.

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