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Steroids Quiz

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What is the proper name of the steroids that athletes abuse?

The anabolic effects of steroids do not include:

How are illegal steroids taken?

How much of the drugs do steroid abusers take?

What is 'stacking'?

About how many 12th graders surveyed had ever used steroids without a prescription?

About how many young adults surveyed knew someone who abused steroids?

What is 'Andro'?

When did anabolic steroids start to become widely used?

Which group of people has recently started abusing steroids in greater numbers?

When was possession of anabolic-androgenic steroids made illegal in the U.S.?

Which of these sports organizations does drug testing of its athletes?

Which of the following does not occur after a short period of steroid abuse

Which of the following fatal effects can steroid abuse cause?

Which of the following is not a psychological symptom commonly caused by steroid abuse?

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