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Tobacco Quiz

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What is the addictive drug in tobacco?

Which of the following types of tobacco is the safest to use?

How many people are killed by tobacco use each year in the United States?

How many tobacco-related deaths are preventable?

Which of the following chemicals is not found in tobacco smoke?

Which of the following is true about nicotine in cigars?

Which of the following diseases is commonly caused by spit tobacco?

How does nicotine produce addiction?

Which single event cause more cigarette addiction than any other?

What is the leading cancer killer of women in the United States?

Which group of smoking-related diseases kills the most people each year in the United States?

Which of the following is not an effect of smoking during pregnancy?

48% of current smokers wish they could quit, but feel that they can’t. This is an example of which of the criteria of addiction?

Which of the following statements about tobacco use is false?

How many non-smoking spouses, children, service industry workers, and co-workers of smokers in the United States are killed each year due to exposure to secondhand smoke?

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