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STD Choices


You may have heard this time and again, you should be abstinent or delay having sex until later. But, you may wonder…What does this mean? Why do you need to be abstinent? What is the big deal? Everyone else is doing it, right?

Well, you can be abstinent or avoid having sex until later in life and still be part of your group of friends. People that abstain from having sexual intercourse tend to be knowledgeable, independent, and confident. Being abstinent shows that you are confident with yourself, with who you are, and with your sexuality. You have nothing to prove to anyone else. Besides, no one needs to know, this is your choice.

Even if you have had sex before, you can say no. Sometimes, you may be in situations, that you feel that you "must have sex". Well, this is not the case. Only you should make that decision, no person should force you to have sex. If you are ever in a situation like that, just remember, abstinence is the only sure way to avoid getting an STD through sexual contact.

Making Decisions

You might consider abstinence for reasons of health, feeling emotionally well, and for your own personal values. Whatever your reason might be, making decisions about sexual contact should be made in a clear mind.

Try not to act on the "spur of the moment." Having sexual intimacy with someone should be an important decision for you. It should also be a planned event, not in the "heat of passion". Think about it, try to know the person, talk, learn about his or her past and health. Ask questions.

Remember, it is better to do all of these things while sober. Don't use drugs or alcohol while making decisions about having sex with a person. Drugs and alcohol can affect your decision making skills and most likely will lead you to make unhealthy choices.

Waiting Can Be Good

You might be curious to be with a person. But, there can be negative consequences to being with someone you do not know well. One of the most important outcomes, can be your health. Getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), may affect the rest of your life. It can also affect you emotionally. Being with someone you know and trust can be a great experience. So, delay having sex until you are in mature mutually monogamous relationship. That is, you and your partner are committed to each other in body, mind, and spirit, and neither one of you is having sexual contact with other people.

Also, the young body is more sensitive to getting sexually transmitted diseases. The younger you are when you begin having sexual intercourse, the higher risk you have to develop any STD. Also, chances are that if you begin having sex an early age, you will have more sexual partners through your lifetime, this also increases your chances of getting an STD. So wait until you are a bit older and ready, is totally worth it!

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