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Hepatitis Complications


All forms of hepatitis affect the liver. When a hepatitis infection becomes chronic, extensive liver damage might be done.

The liver is a special part of our body. It filters all substances, foods and drinks that enter our body. So, a functioning liver is necessary for life, you cannot live without your liver.

Extensive damage done to the liver through a long time might lead to cirrhosis of the liver and to liver cancer. Cirrhosis is an extensive disorder of the liver structure; it can also be cause by excessive alcohol use. Liver cancer is a very dangerous form of cancer.

If treatment does not work, then a person might need a liver transplant. This is very expensive and complex process. Also, persons who might require a liver transplant will need to go in a waiting list of thousands to find a matching donor. A matching donor is someone who might have died and donated his/her organs to others.

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