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Something Deadly in the Air

What people call "inhalants" are hundreds of different chemicals that were created to do ordinary things around the house or office.

Most of these products are labeled with warnings for safe use because of the toxic fumes they contain. Even when used for their intended purposes, some of these chemicals can cause health problems if they are used without adequate ventilation.

Most young people who inhale these products think they are harmless. In fact, inhalants are dangerous, toxic chemicals that are not intended for human consumption. They cause permanent, severe brain damage, damage to all of the major organs, and can cause sudden death.

Take some time and check out this site on inhalants. It's packed full of information and images that can help you make informed, healthy decisions. When you're finished surfing, you can see how much you've learned by taking our interactive quiz.. You might be surprised at how well you do.

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