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Syphilis Facts

Facts about Syphilis

Syphilis is also a treatable or curable disease caused by bacteria. Before the occurrence of antibiotics, it caused many epidemics. Syphilis is called "the great imitator", because it shows many signs similar to other diseases. Syphilis is also commonly called bad blood.

Similar to other STDs, symptoms at the beginning of the disease can be very mild. But, this is a very serious disease that can affect every part of your body. Syphilis also increases the risk of getting HIV,the virus that causes AIDS. Syphilis is usually spread by sexual contact.

Syphilis develops in four stages: primary, secondary, latent, and tertiary. The first two stages are the most contagious. The first sign of syphilis occurs at the primary stage where a sore called a chancre develops. The sore causes infection when coming in contact with genital areas, mouth, anus, and skin of sexual partners. Mothers can also spread syphilis to their babies during pregnancy. The baby can be born with serious mental and physical problems caused by syphilis.

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