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If you notice warts in your genital area, see a health care professional immediately. A doctor or nurse may be able to diagnose warts just by observation alone. If the warts are small, the doctor may put a vinegar-like liquid on the skin around the warts and then use a magnifying glass to look for warts. The liquid makes the warts turn white, so they show up better.

A Pap test is recommended for women to check if they have HPV infection in their cervical (opening to the womb) area. If found early, cervical cancer can be prevented or treated.

It is hard to diagnose men that show no signs of genital warts. So, infected men might be untreated and they might pass genital herpes or the HPV virus unknowingly.

Testing for genital warts is available free or at low cost at family planning clinics. You can also go to your doctor, clinic, or hospital.

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In the Know: STI Pamphlet Package